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Popular in Australia for

over 25 years.


The whole range is now available in the Netherlands!


Wet Stuff was brought onto the market in 1987 by Gel Works,

now Australia’s largest lubricant manufacturer.


The brand offers a wide range of high quality products at a reasonable price.


It may have been around for over 25 years, but the company is still developing exciting new products. To do this, it really listens to its customers.

At the heart of all new product development are questions from users:

- Which Wet Stuff is suitable for sensitive skin?

- I’d like a basic product that’s also available in big bottles.

- Is there an environmentally friendly lube?

- I want to use a silicone lubricant, but one that washes off easily too!


Ingredients are chosen on the basis of quality, not price. The lubricants only contain ingredients that have been fully tested and proven safe and skin-friendly. The manufacturer has a quality management system in place and is ISO certified (ISO 9001:2008). All Wet Stuff lubricants can, of course, be safely used with condoms.


All this means that the Wet Stuff family of personal lubricants offers something for everyone.





Wet Stuff offers a wide range of lubricants,

all safe to use with condoms.

Water-based lubricants are easy to apply and wipe off again, and often cheaper. Each one may have a different thickness. It’s worth trying them out to see which you prefer. The Vitamin E range, for example, is a thick gel that gives a longer-lasting glide and is easy to apply. Wet Stuff Plus has a lighter formula: an average thickness. Wet Stuff Lite is thinner and lighter still. That makes it a good choice for women with sensitive skin, or for people who just want to add some extra moisture as they start to have sex. Water-based lubricants dry up after a while. So sometimes you’ll need to apply more. Stains are easy to remove with some warm water and detergent. Want to experiment? Try a flavoured lube, warming Wet Stuff Gold, or Wet Stuff Tingle for an extra sensation.


Silicone lubricant gives a silky feeling and a long-lasting effect. Great for massage too, or for showering. It contains no preservatives, glycerine or flavourings, so is usually suitable for people with sensitive skin. As silicone lubes stay smooth for so long, they’re often used for anal sex. The only disadvantage is that they’re more difficult to remove and can stain satin or silk sheets. But don’t worry: you can get rid of most stains with a grease solvent like washing-up liquid. Using a silicone lubricant with a silicone sex toy is not recommended.


Wet Stuff Secrets is a special mix of water-based and silicone-based lubricant. It looks and feels like hand cream. Some of the lube will be absorbed by your skin and the rest creates a smooth, silky layer that lasts for quite a while.

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly lubricant, you should definitely try Wet Stuff Naturally. This product is Zemea-based, carbon-neutral manufactured and contains no substances that are known to cause irritation.


Thanks to Gel Works !


    A: The Wet Stuff range is non-staining but because it is made to not dry out, the longer lasting members of the range can gel in cloths. In it's thickened state it is slow to dissolve and can persist through washes. Soaking in water expands and softens the gel. It will then wash out easily in water. In washability tests over 95% of the lubricant has been found to be removed in a normal cold wash. Wet Stuff products can be removed from carpet by repeated water filled sponging. Never scrub as this will damage the carpet.



    A: The plain Wet Stuff product range is compatible with doctor’s exams but not designed for surgery, testing for STI's, or use with broken or damaged skin. While no harm is to be expected when used on broken skin, a surgical lubricant marked as "sterile before opened" should be used. All batches of Gel Works lubes are tested for microbial life under the highest international standards. All batches contain no pathogens /10g and aerobic plate count and yeast and mold count of less than 100 cfu/g. The usual count max for foods is 100.000 cfu/g.



    A: All of the water based lubricants that Gel Works has tested do immobilize some sperm. All do this when diluted more than what would happen in use. Human sperm is lumpy and inside of those lumps sperm continue to move after mixing with lubricant. It takes up to a few hours for those lumps to break down and mixing with lubricants to happen. Tests to see if this lubricant immobilization effect kills all sperm have not been made. Spermicidal effectiveness has not been found for personal lubricants and they are not registered or designed for this use or recommended as a spermicide.

    Fertility Clinics often recommend not using personal lubricants when trying to get pregnant. It's prudent to expect a lower rate of falling pregnant when personal lubricants are used if you are trying to get pregnant. But what the rate may be is not known. Gel Works has been notified that some of it's users have become pregnant while using Gel Works lubricants for all intimate events.Condom use is all ways recommended for all sexual events where pregnancy or STI's prevention is desired. Personal lubricants are designed to make condoms more effective and more fun.

    Care has been taken to exclude all ingredients either known or those considered that may possibly be able to harm unborn children. Teratogens are not used in Gel Works products.



    A: All water based Gel Works products pass the BP Preservative Challenge Test for Topical Lotions. The preservatives used in the water based range use a hypo allergenic mix of four Parabens preservatives: methyl, ethyl, propyl and butyl para hydroxy benzoate. This allows a much lower level of the total parabens mix to be used than what is used in most cosmetics while still giving excellent protection from "Golden Staph". This is the microbe that still kills a small number of women with "toxic shock". Parabens preservatives do have excellent resistance to "Golden Staph". Some people with mild Parabens allergies are still able to use Wet Stuff lubes due to the low level used. We have decided to continue using the Parabens preservatives as they give the best protection from "toxic shock". An allergic response stops quickly after the product is washed off. People with allergies can use silicon body glide products that do not have any preservatives.



    A: When an outbreak of "thrush" is current, sex is not recommended. Time to heal is called for and treatment with a thrush medication. Good over the counter "thrush" treatments are available from Pharmacies. Once health has returned, our women users have recommended either Wet Stuff Lite, Plus, Slippery Stuff or Aloe Vera. These products are designed for more sensitive skin. The longer lasting lubricants may not be helpful for a women who is getting "thrush" frequently. As Candida albicans (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candida_albicans) the microbe that causes "thrush" is found commonly in our internal flora. "Thrush" is not a disease but an out of balance condition that a healthy immune system should have no problem dealing with. Diet, lifestyle/stress, resting deeply, exercise, partner's increased hygiene issues and more may be recommended by a professional. If recurrent "thrush" is an issue for you we recommend seeing a professional to help workout what program is best for you.





    A: Wet Stuff with Aloe Vera has been tested with electric "tensing" like toys. These are toys that give a little "buzz" to the skin as you play with them when used with a conducting lubricant. Other non-conducting lubricants do not give you the "buzz" sensation even when wired and connected correctly. Wet Stuff with Aloe Vera or Wet Stuff Plus with Aloe Vera (same formulation, just older label) does allow the electric "buzz" to be felt by the mucus membranes and other skin with these toys. The toy manufacturers instructions should be followed fully. Particularly at no time should current be allowed to flow across the chest cavity. Also current should not be allowed to flow down arms to the chest cavity. These toys are strictly just for "below the belt". Possible heart attacks are much too serious a possibility even if only very remote so care is needed. Gel Works does not support or warrant in any way the use of electric toys. The use of such toys is between the users and the toy manufacturer. Medical use of Gel Works lubricants as conducting gels is not supported or recommended.




    A: Wet Stuff Silicone Bodyglide, Wet Stuff Naturally and Wet Stuff with Aloe Vera lot including after 0E218 Exp 2015/5 all have no parabens. The Silicone based “Bodyglide” has no preservatives. The waterbased “Wet Stuff Naturally” and the new formulation version of “Wet Stuff with Aloe Vera” use sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate at the healthy pH found in women’s cervical mucus. These found in nature conditions help maintain the natural defense women carry while have excellent compatibility with very sensitive skins.